virtualenvwrapper.django 0.4.1K

What is virtualenvwrapper.django?K

virtualenvwrapper.django is a template plugin for virtualenvwrapper to create new Django projects automatically. When used with mkproject, it installs Django into the new virtualenv then runs to create a new project skeleton.

What’s New?K

This release replaces the use of distribute with setuptools (contributed by Sascha Peilicke).

sphinxcontrib-paverutils 1.7 – Sphinx/Paver integrationK

sphinxcontrib-paverutils provides an alternative integration of Sphinx and Paver. It supports calling Sphinx from within Paver using multiple configurations, and does not assume you only want to build HTML output.

What’s New?K

  • Newer versions of sphinx try to exit when main() is done, so trap that exit code and return it.
  • Build universal wheels of releases.

virtualenvwrapper 4.3.2 – Enhancements to virtualenvK

What is virtualenvwrapper?K

virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to virtualenv. The extensions include wrappers for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their dependencies.

What’s New?K

  • Start releasing wheels
  • Clean up documentation
  • Fix test invocation for zsh
  • add -q option to cd for zsh
  • make run_tests use the SHELL var to run test script


Visit the virtualenvwrapper project page for download links and installation instructions.

pocket2pinboard 0.1.0 – Import pocket articles into pinboard.inK

What is pocket2pinboard?K

pocket2pinboard copies your tagged articles from pocket to bookmarks on

What’s New?K

This is the first public release.

linkscrubber 1.2.0 – bookmark cleanerK

What is linkscrubber?K

linkscrubber is a tool for working with bookmarks. Its primary feature is a command to replace links that redirect to another site, frequently a result of bookmarking something from an RSS feed or mobile site.

What’s New?K

This release updates the default list of sites to examine for redirects to include tc.o, (and other .ly sites),,, and

Taking the Long View: How the Oslo Program Reduces Technical DebtK

The video from the presentation I gave with Mark McLoghlin at the OpenStack summit last week is online.

In the fast-paced world of OpenStack development, we often focus on short-term needs like bug fixes and new features. The Oslo Program takes a longer view of the health and sustainability of the project. Our mission is to make OpenStack more maintainable by addressing cross-project code reuse and architectural issues. In this presentation we will cover the origins of Oslo and the processes and tools the team uses to improve OpenStack from the bottom up, making it easier to deploy, more approachable for new contributors, and sustainable for long-term use.


Oslo Goals for Kilo CycleK

Next week is the OpenStack design summit kicking off the Kilo release cycle. The Oslo team has seven sessions scheduled to hash out details of the work we will be doing between now and May.


csvcat 2.0.0 – Concatenate comma separated value filesK

csvcat is a tool for working with comma separated value files text files. It lets you easily remove columns, reorder columns, and combine files.

What’s New In This Release?K

This version has been completely rewritten to use argparse.

Source and BugsK

See the github project for source code and to file bug reports.

yasfb 0.5.0 – Yet Another Sphinx Feed BuilderK

yasfb is yet another package for creating RSS feeds from Sphinx documents. It differs from its predecessor by finding publication dates using git history rather than forcing explicit filename or metadata conventions.

What’s New In This Release?K

This is the first public release under the new name. This version updates sphinxfeed to pull publication dates from the git history and to remove some of the cruft from the descriptions going into the feed.

My First Week at HPK

Last week I started a new job and I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with the OpenStack team at HP. This new position is different for me in a couple of ways. HP as a company is larger and has a much longer history than the start-ups and smaller companies I’m used to working for. There are pros and cons to that, but I think for right now in this field the pros outweigh the cons, especially because of the work that I will be doing in the new role.