sphinxcontrib-sqltable 2.1.0 - SQLAlchemy 2.0 support

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 2.1.0? update packaging to use pyproject.toml Update sqltable.py to support SQLAlchemy 2.0 (contributions by Gabriel Gaona) Pin SQLAlchemy>=2.0 to prevent backwards incompatibility with changes to the query execution interface. (contributions by Gabriel Gaona) fix up python version support list Fix the obsolete link to bitbucket (contributions by kbaikov) find the sample schema file depending on how sphinx is invoked move sample database to /tmp for rtd.org

virtualenvwrapper 6.0.0

What’s Changed Breaking Changes formally drop Python 2 support remove toggleglobalsitepackages command, since virtualenv seems to have removed that capability\ drop ksh support by @dhellmann in https://github.com/python-virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper/pull/27 remove python2 from startup logic for finding the python interpreter by @dhellmann in https://github.com/python-virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper/pull/28 Updated tested Python versions in README. by @carltongibson in https://github.com/python-virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper/pull/37 Features add a –version option to the hook loader by @dhellmann in https://github.com/python-virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper/pull/43 Miscellaneous Improvements switch to implicit namespaces by @dhellmann in https://github.


What’s new in move build dependencies to pyproject.toml move linter dependencies to pyproject.toml Improve error message for IOErrors (contributions by Fabian P. Schmidt) add python 3.12 to test matrix Fix shell completion on FreeBSD (contributions by bendikro) Fixed broken link in install docs. (contributions by Carlton Gibson) install setuptools for test packages, use pip (contributions by Alfred Wingate) remove use of distutils (contributions by Alfred Wingate) Update the tested Python versions to match README (contributions by Evan Chong) Changed workon’s env switching to use OR not $?

sphinxcontrib-datatemplates 0.10.2

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 0.10.2? Packaging unify list of packaging dependencies modernize packaging files Documentation add .readthedocs.yaml to fix doc build Features declare support for python 3.12 add support for custom template bridge (contributions by Bizordec)

sphinxcontrib-spelling 8.0.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 8.0.0? add git archive settings for setuptools_scm modernize packaging builder: add test showing that only directive works for ignoring blocks builder: switch from traverse() to findall() builder: restructure node filtering drop pypy3 add python 3.11 support drop python 3.6 support

imapautofiler 1.13.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 1.13.0? stop using reno for release notes add python 3.11 support modernize packaging add testtools dependency to for tests set language to english for sphinx 5.0