sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.7.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.7.0? Add spelling:ignore role (contributions by Graham Smith) builder: quiet debug (contributions by Tom Ransegnola) Update setup.cfg to use description_file (contributions by Michał Górny)

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.6.2

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.6.2? directive: Fix issue 193 by sliencing debug messages linter: add flake8-debug plugin to detect leftover print statements

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.6.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.6.1? Fix spelling:word role rendering verbatim (contributions by Mark Vander Stel) add test job using isolated build setup skip builder test that requires git history add check-python-versions to pkglint job fix broken links in release notes set doc language to english for sphinx 5.0 docs: update docs for domain

gh-review-stats v0.7.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in v0.7.0? update go-github dependency to v45 for go 1.18 support update go version to 1.18

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.6.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.6.0? feature: add spelling:word role for inline corrections docs: update documentation to use new domain-based directive feature: add domain The old spelling directive is deprecated in favor of spelling:word-list.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.5.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.5.1? #180 Suppress SystemExit errors in ImportableModuleFilter caused by importing modules that run code on import and exit when that code sees an error. Bug report and reproducer provided by Trevor Gross.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.5.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.5.0? Support multiple wordlists as a string option from the command line via -D (contributions by Graham Smith) Include captions on figures in the text checked. Add a configuration option to limit the suggestions shown in the output.