About Me

I am a software developer with a wide range of experience in application areas and types. I am serious about creating designs that meet requirements, are flexible, and can be maintained for long product lifetimes.


I have been programming in Python since version 1.4, and have worked on a variety of Unix and non-Unix platforms for projects in fields such as mapping, medical news publishing, banking, and data center automation.

I am a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, and served as its Communications Director from 2010-2012. After a year as a regular columnist for Python Magazine, I served as Editor-in-Chief from 2008-2009. Between 2007 and 2011, I published the popular Python Module of the Week series of articles, and that material served as the basis for my book The Python 3 Standard Library By Example.


I started contributing to OpenStack in 2012, just before the Folsom summit. I was a core reviewer and one of the founding members of the Ceilometer project, and a core reviewer for the Oslo, requirements, and unified command line interface projects. I was the PTL for the Oslo project for the Icehouse, Juno, and Kilo release cycles. I was the PTL for the Release Management team, and helped build the tools to allow self-service releases. I served several year long terms as an elected member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, including one 6 month term as chair, before stepping down in 2018.


In 2019, I helped to launch the metal3 project, combining OpenStack Ironic and Kubernetes controllers based on the cluster API to automatically provision Kubernetes clusters on bare metal servers.


Contact me at doug at this domain.

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