AstronomyPictureOfTheDay 2.0

There is a new release of AstronomyPictureOfTheDay available this
morning. Version 2.0 is a substantial rewrite of the 1.1 version, but
retains essentially the same functionality. The primary difference is
that you no longer have to run a script to “personalize” it during
installation. Now that it is distributed as an Application instead of an
Automator workflow, you can just drag it to your Applications folder.

The source is still created with Automator, but some of the Finder
actions for working with directories have been replaced by Shell Script
actions to perform the same operations. The Finder actions are
hard-coded to specific folder names, selected in the Automator UI when
the action is configured. With a Shell Script action, I can use
environment variables such as “$HOME” to make the action more flexible.
Using variables also avoids the problem of having everything in the
workflow tied to my own home directory, so that the paths needed to be
modified before the workflow was usable by anyone else.

I could, of course, have written the entire program as a shell script,
Python program, or whatever. But the point of building it with
Automator in the first place was that it was easy. I suppose I am
stretching the boundaries of where Automator is the easiest tool for
this particular job, but at least now the hack is hidden inside the
app instead of hanging out where everyone can see it in the
installation instructions.