Python Magazine: First issue free!

The premier issue of Python Magazine is available for download
right now, completely free.

I haven’t mentioned it previously on this blog, but I’m the Technical
Editor for the magazine. That means I review and test the submitted
code, and write a monthly column. The column runs under the title “And
Now for Something Completely Different” and will focus on technical
topics (this month I talk about the GIL and 2 packages for managing

Other regular columns include Brian Jones (Editor in Chief), Mark
(“Welcome to Python”, targeted at newer users or introductory
topics), and Steve Holden (“Random Hits”, the end-note editorial).

In addition to the regular columns, there are 4 feature articles this

  1. John Berninger covers Extending Python using C, without using a
    binding generator. He’s Old School.
  2. Kevin Ryan introduces form processing in WSGI with some clever
    data-driven techniques using lambda.
  3. Sayamindu Dasgupta writes a PyGTK widget using Cairo primitives to
    draw the widget view.
  4. And I discuss a fun hack I came up with to pull iCalendar data out
    of an IMAP server.

I’m really excited about the how this issue has turned out (Arbi
Arzoumani did a great job with the design and layout), and hope you
like it, too. Head over to and
download the PDF version. If you do like it, subscribe! If you think you
could do better, submit an idea for an article and write for us!

Besides soliciting articles from you, I’ll always be on the look-out
for good ideas to cover in my own column. If there is something you
want me to cover, email me directly (doug dot hellmann at
pythonmagazine dot com) or tag a link to a site or blog post
with pymagdifferent on