January issue of Python Magazine now available for download

The January issue is live and ready for download from

This month the cover article from Alex Martelli gives advice about how
and when to use regular expressions for parsing text, and when to use
other techniques instead.

Eugen Wintersberger has an excellent introduction to using ctypes.
I’ve been looking forward to reviewing his article for a while now, so
I’m glad to finally see it in print.

Dan Felts returns with an article about controlling the Nessus
security scanner using Python to talk to it over the network.

In his Welcome to Python column this month Mark Mruss covers
everything you need to know about iterators and generators.

And Steve Holden waxes philosophical about how, or whether, we should
be marketing Python the language and platform.

I have two pieces in the mag this month. First, an article about
treating your command line programs as objects by using CommandLineApp
to define their options and argument processing. And my column starts
the series I’ve mentioned on this blog previously by covering the
wealth of testing tools available in Python.

It’s another good issue, and we’re already well into the work of
producing the February edition as I write this. So go download the new
issue and send your feedback to us via the pythonmagazine.com web site
or in #pymag on irc.freenode.net.