I have been meaning to post about this for a while, and am just
getting around to it. As part of the GHOP contest, Zachary Voase created
an add-on for Proctor that loads test failures into Trac as

ProctorTicket is an application, written in Python, which allows you
to read a parseable proctor output log, or run a proctor test, and
import all generated errors as Trac tickets. Tickets are the
equivalent of issues, tasks or bugs in other software project
management systems. ProctorTicket will determine the test class each
error belongs to and group them accordingly. In addition,
ProctorTicket can tell when a test has already been carried out, and
it will not add the issue. If a test has been carried out before but
the results vary, then it will automatically update the tickets to
reflect this.

Check it out over at the ProctorTicket project site.

I’m looking forward to installing this at work so I can stop opening
tickets for test failures manually. :-)