Python Magazine for July 2008

The July issue is available for download now.

Brandon Rhodes delivers another cover story for us, this time on
Kinetic Style Sheets. KSS is a JavaScript engine that interprets files
full of CSS-like instructions that can launch both client-side and
server-side actions in response to the user’s typing and clicks. Brandon
makes it look easy, as usual.

Speaking of easy, Jonathan LaCour takes all of the mystery out of
metaclasses with an explanation clear enough to make me reconsider using
them in my own work.

This month also brings us the final installment of Learning Python
with PyGame
from Terry Hancock. The Cat and Mouse game comes together
with sprites and more animation to create something ready to play.

Once you’ve finished learning PyGame, let Richard Jones inspire you to
participate in PyWeek, a semi-annual game programming challenge using
Python. Richard’s journal walks through the evolution of his own game,
and shows how much fun the contest can be.

Threaded Comments for Your Site from Eric Florenzano rounds out
the feature articles for July. If you’re building a web site using
Django and want to support discussions or comments, check out Eric’s
article and django-threadedcomments.

In his Welcome to Python column, regular contributor Mark Mruss
introduces the set data type. Jesse Noller “gets with” context
managers in Completely Different, exploring the new feature available
in Python 2.5’s __future__ module. Finally, Steve Holden considers
whether scientists and technologists should be more involved in social
and political issues.