Python Magazine for November 2008 is released

The November 2008 issue of Python Magazine is available for
download now.

The cover story this month is Building E-commerce on Plone with
by Horacio Durán. He walks through several scenarios for
configuring different types of sites that need to accept payments, from
charity donations to shipping physical goods.

Gloria Jacobs’ article, An Introduction to SQLAlchemy, uses a
straightforward intranet application to illustrate the power and
portability of SQLAlchemy.

Pablo Troncoso uses some novel techniques to interpret MP3 ID3 tags in
A Grammar-Based Approach for Decoding Binary Streams.

And Matt Willson gives us several Clever Uses for Metaclasses.

In his regular column, Mark Mruss talks about the occasionally
contentious subject of using “slots” in Python classes. He shows how to
use them and covers the pros and cons to help you decide when they might
be useful in your own applications.

Rick Harding continues his bzr tutorial series by showing how to use
different workflows, depending on the style of development that makes
you most comfortable.

Steve Holden talks about ways you can contribute to Python, including
being active in the PyCon organization process and helping with the
language itself.

And I take a look back at the growth of the magazine over the last
year, since Python Magazine is now officially one year old!