Python Magazine for December 2008

The December 2008 issue of Python Magazine is available for
download now.

Our cover story this month is Using the Cloud, in which Patrick
Altman shows you how to wield the power of globally distributed data
centers with infinite storage, immediate scalability, and no fixed costs
or large capital outlays using Python.

Michael Schneider brings us Design Patterns in Real Python
, a survey of design patterns uses found “in the wild”.

JC Cruz continues his series of OS X programming tutorials in
Tabular Editing With PyObjC. This time, he covers editing data in a
table control.

WikidBASE: Semi-Structured Data Management (in Seconds) by Nick
Blundell shows you how to create data management applications without
pre-determining a database schema and letting your app grow over time.

Jesse Noller’s column, YAML Ain’t Markup Language, gives us
several good reasons to consider YAML as a substitute for XML,
especially in files meant to be read or written by humans.

Mark Mruss shows us how easy it can be to work with 3-D graphics using

And this month Steve Holden takes a look at various developments in
and around the Python language, reports on an extensive discussion on
Python’s function call mechanism, and reminds you about Python

Finally, I recount some of my experiences from PyWorks 2008 and look
ahead at how the magazine will grow in 2009.