New Editor in Chief at Python Magazine

It’s time for a change at Python Magazine.

Editing a magazine like this every month is, not surprisingly, a
huge amount of work. With the evolution and expansion of my duties
at my day job (almost everyone at MTA is part-time, even me), I’ve found
less and less time available to dedicate to my editorial duties. It was
a tough decision, but rather than let the quality of the magazine suffer
from lack of attention I found someone to take over who will be able to
devote the time necessary to keep up our high standards. I am very
pleased to announce that, beginning with the March 2009 issue, Brandon
will assume the duties of Editor in Chief.

I met Brandon through PyATL, the Atlanta Python user group, where
he frequently gives presentations and is now the lead organizer. After
convincing him to write a couple of articles for us, I invited him to be
an Associate Editor for the magazine. His work as an AE over the past
year made him stand out as an excellent candidate to replace me. We’ve
been working on the transition for a little while now, so I have no
doubt it will go smoothly. I am looking forward to watching PyMag
continue to thrive through Brandon’s skill and leadership.

This past year has been a great opportunity and a lot of fun. I want
to thank MTA, and all the feature authors, columnists, editors,
reviewers, as well as Arbi, Marco, and everyone else who worked with me.
I’m proud of the work we’ve all done together!

I also want to thank our readers and the larger Python Community for
their support. In the spirit of open source we have been welcomed warmly
and enthusiastically over the past year, even though the magazine was a
new enterprise and MTA was not widely known among Pythonistas. Your
continued support (and writing) will help make Python Magazine a
valuable resource for all of us, so keep those ideas and article
submissions coming.

As for me, I plan to continue to contribute in smaller ways, such as
an occasional article or column. I also have a long list of other
projects that I have put aside for the past year, and it is time to pick
up one or two of those and see what I can make of them. If you’re
interested, keep an eye on this blog for updates.