python-authors mailing list

At PyCon this year, a group of authors and editors met to start
building the writing sub-community for people interested in
Python-related topics appearing online and in print. One of the
suggestions that came out of the meeting was to establish a new SIG
mailing list, hosted on I’m pleased to announce that the
python-authors list has been established and is ready to host

If you have any experience or interest in writing, editing, or
reviewing technical writing such as blog posts, magazine articles, or
books, this list is for you. We’ll be trading tips, looking for
collaborators for new projects, and just generally talking shop.

I hope you’ll join us!

Updated 5 June 2009: Unfortunately I’ve had to set the list
subscription to moderated to avoid spammers. The list itself is still
unmoderated, and I will try to approve requests for new subscriptions as
quickly as possible.