Using Readernaut for taking notes on books

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on reviving the PyATL
book club. We received our first batch of books from
Addison-Wesley/Pearson Education in time to distribute them at our
meeting last month. I’ll be posting my review soon, but before I do that
I wanted to share my experiences with Nathan Borror’s excellent

The site is easy to use. Once you have an account, just use the search
field to find a book, either already in the Readernaut catalog or at
Amazon. Add it to your shelf, then record your progress and notes as you
read. In true web 2.0 fashion, you can connect with other readers and
follow their progress (indeed, I may be coming late to the party on this
one, because after I signed up I found a bunch of other Pythonistas
already using the site to post notes and reviews about the books they’re

After a bit of experimentation, I’m hooked. I used the site to take
notes about my first book club book, and am finding the results very
helpful while preparing the summary for my review. I can record notes,
quotes, and remarks as separate types of comments. All include page
numbers, so as I build the review I don’t even have to go hunting
through the book for references.

Besides posting my own material, I’ve found a couple of
interesting-looking titles among the books others are reading. As
though I needed help finding more books to read.

If you take your reading seriously, check out
as a convenient way to keep up with your notes.