virtualenvwrapper 4.3

What is virtualenvwrapper?

virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to virtualenv. The
extensions include wrappers for creating and deleting virtual
environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making
it easier to work on more than one project at a time without
introducing conflicts in their dependencies.

What’s New?

  • Run User Postactivate after changing dirs
  • Changed comments and mode for sourced user scripts
  • Update .gitignore to include bin, include, lib
  • Define mode constant for sourced-only files
  • Do not specify a version for pbr
  • Extract basic help text from the script
  • Add list of commands as basic help output
  • Update author email in packaging metadata
  • Clean up comment about zsh behavior in lazy mode
  • Fix syntax error (empty if block)


Visit the virtualenvwrapper project page for download links and
installation instructions.