PyMOTW: inspect

The inspect module provides functions for learning about live
objects, including modules, classes, instances, functions, and
methods. You can use functions in this module to retrieve the
original source code for a function, look at the arguments to a method
on the stack, and extract the sort of information useful for producing
library documentation for your source code. My own CommandLineApp
module uses inspect to determine the valid options to a command
line program, as well as any arguments and their names so command line
programs are self-documenting and the help text is generated

Read more at inspect

PyMOTW Feed temporarily broken, but fixed

For those of you subscribe directly to the PyMOTW feed, I apologize for
the temporary interruption in service. Apparently I reached a maximum
feed size and FeedBurner cut me off. I didn’t realize there was an
issue, because I had given up on the FeedBulletin notifications, since
they just cried wolf every day first by saying that there was a delay in
updating and then in the same email reporting that everything was
working again. In any event, the feed at is working correctly again, and
should start updating soon.