yasfb 0.5.0 – Yet Another Sphinx Feed Builder

yasfb is yet another package for creating RSS feeds from Sphinx
documents. It differs from its predecessor by finding publication
dates using git history rather than forcing explicit filename or
metadata conventions.

What’s New In This Release?

This is the first public release under the new name. This version
updates sphinxfeed to pull publication dates from the git history and
to remove some of the cruft from the descriptions going into the feed.

sphinxcontrib.spelling 2.1.1

What is sphinxcontrib.spelling?

sphinxcontrib.spelling is a spelling checker for Sphinx. It uses
PyEnchant to produce a report showing misspelled words.

What’s New in This Release?

This is a point release with some packaging fixes for Debian and a
small code change to improve string handling.

  • remove announce.rst; moved to blogging repository
  • Merged in eriol/sphinxcontrib-spelling (pull request #2)
  • Removed no more used CHANGES file
  • Updated path of test_wordlist.txt
  • Merged in bmispelon/sphinxcontrib-spelling/isupper (pull request #1)
  • Use str.isupper() instead of ad-hoc method
  • fix syntax for tags directive


Please see the documentation for details.

sphinxcontrib-paverutils 1.6

What is sphinxcontrib-paverutils?

sphinxcontrib-paverutils provides an alternative integration of
Sphinx and Paver. It supports calling Sphinx from within Paver using
multiple configurations, and does not assume you only want to build
HTML output.

What’s New in This Release?

  • Improve Python 3 support
  • Clean up packaging using pbr
  • redefine cog to allow it to run on specific input file(s)