imapautofiler 1.11.0

New Features A configuration option has been added to disable the use of SSL/TLS for servers that do not support it. The default is to always use SSL/TLS. Contributed by Samuele Zanon. Upgrade Notes This release drops support for python 3.6 and 3.7.

imapautofiler 1.10.0

New Features Add check_hostname configuration option to allow connection to sites where the hostname does not match the value in the SSL/TLS certificate. See config-server-connection for details. Add flag and unflag actions. See config-flag-action for details. Add mark_read and mark_unread actions. See config-mark-read-action for details. Details add release note for read/unread actions add release note for flag actions add mark_read/mark_unread actions when –debug is set stop when we see an exception fix mailbox client implementation of flagging clean up flag/unflag logging simplify flag and add unflag action Add unit tests for ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt) Add documentation for ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt) Implement ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt) add release note for check_hostname

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates 0.7.2

What’s new in 0.7.2? update requirement for sphinxcontrib.runcmd to use the canonical form of the package name (contributions by Matthew Thode)

imapautofiler 1.9.0

New Features Start using reno for managing release notes. Details Add unit tests for config (contributions by Christopher Arndt) Add ‘check_hostname’ server option (contributions by Christopher Arndt) use the correct default ssl context document debian dependencies update documentation for templating destination folders add templating to the sort action ensure that if a destination mailbox does not exist we create it add jinja2 templates to move action add separate doc requirement file for rtd build add secrets module to API docs

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.0.1

What’s new in 7.0.1? Update Travis configuration to use Python 3.9 release (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Revert “Replace deprecated imp module with importlib” (contributions by Jon Dufresne) add integration test for django documentation build Include all supported Pythons in the tox test matrix (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Parametrize test_contributors (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Remove remaining references to reno release notes manager (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Replace with Python 3 builtin open() (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Add tests for ImportableModuleFilter.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.0.0

What’s new in 7.0.0? Handle ValueError raised by importlib.util.find_spec (contributions by Rust Saiargaliev) Remove obsolete comment and guard in setup() (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Remove unnecessary UnicodeEncodeError (due to Python 3) (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Use Python 3 super() (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Remove support for end-of-life Python 3.5 (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Simplify and improve tox configuration (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Capitalize “Python” and “Sphinx” in docs and comments (contributions by Jon Dufresne) add support for python 3.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 6.0.0

What’s new in 6.0.0? add release notes for recent changes stop using reno to manage release notes Fix typo: commiters → committers (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Run pyupgrade across the codebase (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Add ‘Framework :: Sphinx :: Extension' trove classifier (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Move tests out of the install to the top-level of the project (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Document the project as stable and ready for production use (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Add missing trove classifiers for Python-3-only support (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Replace deprecated imp module with importlib (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Pass ‘filters' as a keyword argument to pyenchant get_tokenizer() (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Remove unused fixtures dependency (contributions by Louis Sautier) document config option to ignore contributor names

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates 0.7.0

What’s new in 0.7.0? add release history to documentation add sphinx builder environment to template context (contributions by Eric Holscher) add a ‘dump’ subcommand to the command line interface cli: create ‘render’ subcommand treat flag options as special add console script “datatemplate” documentation cleanup (contributions by Jan Brohl) pass the entire application config to the template (contributions by Eric Holscher) reorder, rename parser arguments (contributions by Jan Brohl) Add a directive + loader for nodata (contributions by Jan Brohl) I hate invisible lint errors!

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.4.0

New Features Added a new filter (sphinxcontrib.spelling.filters.ContributorFilter) that treats contributor names extracted from the git history as spelled correctly, making it easier to refer to the names in acknowledgments . Includes a new configuration option, spelling_ignore_contributor_names to enable it.