sphinxcontrib-spelling 6.0.0

What’s new in 6.0.0? add release notes for recent changes stop using reno to manage release notes Fix typo: commiters → committers (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Run pyupgrade across the codebase (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Add ‘Framework :: Sphinx :: Extension' trove classifier (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Move tests out of the install to the top-level of the project (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Document the project as stable and ready for production use (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Add missing trove classifiers for Python-3-only support (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Replace deprecated imp module with importlib (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Pass ‘filters' as a keyword argument to pyenchant get_tokenizer() (contributions by Jon Dufresne) Remove unused fixtures dependency (contributions by Louis Sautier) document config option to ignore contributor names

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates 0.7.0

What’s new in 0.7.0? add release history to documentation add sphinx builder environment to template context (contributions by Eric Holscher) add a ‘dump’ subcommand to the command line interface cli: create ‘render’ subcommand treat flag options as special add console script “datatemplate” documentation cleanup (contributions by Jan Brohl) pass the entire application config to the template (contributions by Eric Holscher) reorder, rename parser arguments (contributions by Jan Brohl) Add a directive + loader for nodata (contributions by Jan Brohl) I hate invisible lint errors!

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.4.0

New Features Added a new filter (sphinxcontrib.spelling.filters.ContributorFilter) that treats contributor names extracted from the git history as spelled correctly, making it easier to refer to the names in acknowledgments . Includes a new configuration option, spelling_ignore_contributor_names to enable it.

reno 3.2.0

New Features Add a new configuration option, encoding, to specify the encoding to use when reading release notes file. Add the semver-next command to calculate the next release version based on the available release notes. Three new configuration options (semver_major, semver_minor, and semver_patch) define the sections that should cause different types of version increments. Details raise the minimum version of pyyaml add semver-next command add release note for encoding option [trivial] Use opendev url for source code link (contributions by Riccardo Pittau) Add config option to set default character encoding (contributions by Matthew Treinish) Some cleanups (contributions by Andreas Jaeger)

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.3.0

New Features Add a configuration option spelling_exclude_patterns to manage skipping spell checking for some input files. The option uses a list of glob-style patterns that are matched against the source file names relative to the source directory. See the configuration documentation for more details. Contributed by sdelliot.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.2.1

Bug Fixes Updated to only create .spelling output files for inputs that generate spelling warnings. Fixes #63. Details update documentation with example output log files as they are created add separate spelling target in tox only create output files when writing warnings

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.2.0

New Features The builder is now registered using an entry point, so that if the spelling directive is not used in a project sphinxcontrib.spelling does not need to be included explicitly in the extensions list in conf.py in order to use it with the project on the command line. PyEnchant is an optional dependency. If it is not installed, the spell checker will not work, but the extension can still be initialized.

beagle 0.3.0

What’s new in 0.3.0? Add repo-pattern usages examples in the doc (contributed by Hervé Beraud) Add an option to filter repositories in search results Refresh python’s versions and their usages (contributed by Hervé Beraud)

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.1.2

What’s new in 5.1.2? Mark as unsafe for parallel builds (contributed by Jared Dillard) Add -W arg to sphinx-build in docs so warnings cause error (contributed by Elsa Gonsiorowski, PhD)

sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.1.0

What’s new in 5.1.0? Add an option to show the line containing a misspelling for context (contributed by Huon Wilson)