sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.3.3

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.3.3? Minor code tweaks (contributions by Avram Lubkin) Skip contrib test when not in repo (contributions by Avram Lubkin) Switch to PEP 420 namespace (contributions by Avram Lubkin)

Scaling a Design Review Process

When I took on a staff engineer role on the OpenShift team at Red Hat last year, one of the first changes I wanted to make was to overhaul our design review process. Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about that process and whether we can update it to “go faster.” I’ve been explaining why the process works the way it does to different people, and thought that others outside of Red Hat might be interested in the same answers.

gh-review-stats v0.6.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in v0.6.0? pr-history: show activity level by date pr-history: ignore bots pr-history: show activie days for participants

gh-review-stats 0.5.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 0.5.1? Add a new command, pr-history, to show the history of one or more pull requests as a sequence of events (opening, updating, commenting, reviewing, closing, and merging).

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.3.2

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.3.2? Treat __main__ as a special module name that cannot be imported. If the test suite is invoked by running python -m pytest instead of pytest then there will be no __main__ and find_spec() will fail, so this change makes the tests work in both modes. Fix python filename handling in ImportableModuleFilter. If the word looks like a python module filename, strip the extension to avoid the side-effect of actually importing the module.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.3.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.3.0? ci(Mergify): Use mergify.io to automate PR merging Fix broken link to Doug’s blog post @ customize (contributions by Sviatoslav Sydorenko) Test on Python 3.10 (contributions by Adam Johnson) Improve ImportableModuleFilter (contributions by Adam Johnson) Correct setup.cfg (contributions by Adam Johnson) Spelling edit in README (contributions by mccaffrey-jonathan)

Moving to Netlify

I have moved the published version of this site from dreamhost.com to netlify.com. I expect DNS propagation to take a little while longer. The Netlify docs linked to some instructions from the Hugo team, which made the process very easy to understand and follow.

Old Family Advertisements

thumbnail imageMy wife does historical research and she has been looking into our families. In the course of uncovering the various wanderings of the Hellmann family she also found many advertisements from when they were merchants in the mid and late 1800s in San Francisco. I have added some of the images she found to my website. They apparently had quite a business selling Krug Champagne. There were also notices from 1906, not long after the earthquake, reporting their new location.

sphinxcontrib-datatemplates 0.9.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 0.9.1? Fix dependency management in the directive so that directives with no source specified do not introduce a build dependency on a path that resolves to a directory. (contributions by √ėyvind Harboe)