gh-review-stats v0.4.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in v0.4.0? pull-requests: handle cancellation during output phase handle cancellation context throughout queries pull-requests: add –all option handle interrupt signal gracefully

gh-review-stats v0.3.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in v0.3.0? pull-requests: trim whitespace from titles pull-requests: add review activity count to output pull-requests: use stderr for progress and status messages pull-requests: add --output command line option fix: handle nil date pointers in pr data from github api

gh-review-stats v0.2.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in v0.2.0? if --days-back is 0 include all data move repo and org options to root command add pull-requests command readme: add basic installation instructions

sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.2.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 7.2.1? release note for spelling_verbose configuration option add verbose configuration option (contributions by 12rambau)

gh-review-stats v0.1.0

thumbnail image

This is the first public release of gh-review-stats, a tool for examining reviewer statistics for projects hosted on GitHub.

This release includes a command to build a report showing the number of comments made across pull requests in a repository by each reviewer.

Feedburner Dropping Email Support

Today I received a notice from the Google team that runs the Feedburner service that I use to proxy my RSS feed announcing that they are updating the implementation, and as part of the changes they are dropping support for email subscriptions.

entry-point-inspector 0.2.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 0.2.1? update python support versions to drop python 2 support and include 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 Fix packaging issue by requiring setuptools for installation (contributions by Miro HronĨok) fix linter issue in add github actions to run CI jobs

imapautofiler 1.11.0

thumbnail imageNew Features A configuration option has been added to disable the use of SSL/TLS for servers that do not support it. The default is to always use SSL/TLS. Contributed by Samuele Zanon. Upgrade Notes This release drops support for python 3.6 and 3.7.

imapautofiler 1.10.0

thumbnail imageNew Features Add check_hostname configuration option to allow connection to sites where the hostname does not match the value in the SSL/TLS certificate. See config-server-connection for details. Add flag and unflag actions. See config-flag-action for details. Add mark_read and mark_unread actions. See config-mark-read-action for details. Details add release note for read/unread actions add release note for flag actions add mark_read/mark_unread actions when –debug is set stop when we see an exception fix mailbox client implementation of flagging clean up flag/unflag logging simplify flag and add unflag action Add unit tests for ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt) Add documentation for ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt) Implement ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt) add release note for check_hostname