Coder’s Block

Logan Koester posted some tips for overcoming Coder’s Block. I get blocked, once in a while, too. In those situations, it almost always comes with the feeling that the problem I am trying to solve is too big. That, in turn, usually stems from not having thought about the problem enough, rather than the other way around. The development staff at my company is pretty small, so we are all involved in each new feature from “front to back”, as it were.

backing up a blog

Since blogger doesn’t support exporting the contents of a blog without hacking around and republishing it, I decided to throw together a little application to handle the backup based on the feed. The resulting Python script should work with any feed type, since I used the feedparser module to process the feed, but I have only tested it with this blog’s Atom feed.

Python Cheese Shop

It has been a while since I released a new open source project. The last time I dealt with the Python project registry it required a highly manual through-the-web registration process. The Cheese Shop is so much nicer, and the integration with distutils makes it so easy to register a project and release that there is no reason in the world not to do it. There are just a few basic steps to getting started:


My project site is finally online, and I find myself falling into precisely the trap I was hoping to avoid. I originally wanted to find some existing software to host the site, so I could concentrate on the myriad projects cluttering up the back of my brain. Since I opted to build my own, I’ve found myself focusing on building more features into the site management tool instead of those other projects.

AstronomyPictureOfTheDay 1.0

What’s new? I have been using an Automator workflow inspired by an article by Andy Ihnatko to download the latest image from the Astronomy Picture of the Day site and set it as my desktop background. It also adds a copy to my screen saver images folder. Some of the pictures are pretty, and some are inspiring. Check it out, if you are interested.

code hosting

I spent some time over the weekend building a rough tool with django to host my code projects. It is only at, though that domain may not be available in your DNS cache, yet. I’m happy with the schema for the results, but will probably tweak the colors and layout for a while.

Email Archives, redux

Now that I have the site in order, I have posted a copy of my mail archive script in an easier-to-use format.

Proctor 1.0

I’ve moved Proctor development from sourceforge to my own server and released version 1.0. We have been using proctor successfully for several years now at work, and it makes automating our nightly tests very easy. The build is automatic, the software is installed automatically, and then proctor runs the test suite. All 3000+ tests take several hours to run, mostly because they aren’t all strictly “unit” tests.