sphinxcontrib-spelling 4.2.1

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 4.2.1? fix remaining logging issue (contributed by Timotheus Kampik) Remove usage of deprecated logging API (contributed by Tim Graham)

Planting Acorns

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This post is based on the closing keynote I gave for PyTennessee in February 2018, where I talked about how the governance of an open source project impacts the health of the project, and some lessons we learned in building the OpenStack community that can be applied to other projects. The presentation was not recorded.

reno: A new way to manage release notes - Europython 2018

Yesterday I delivered a presentation at EuroPython describing how reno works and why we created it for OpenStack. reno is a tool for managing release notes in projects that support multiple branches of development, and releases, simultaneously. It solves the problem of managing release notes within patches that fix bugs, and makes it easier to cherry-pick changes between branches (allowing backports or forward ports). This talk will cover the requirements, and constraints, that led us to design and build reno.

sphinxcontrib-spelling 4.2.0

thumbnail imageWhat’s new in 4.2.0? Fix a bug with empty word lists (contributed by FabioRosado) Update dependency management to use setuptools extras Document how to create multiple wordfiles (contributed by FabioRosado) Note that PyEnchant is unmaintained and fix links (contributed by Marti Raudsepp) Don’t use mutable default argument (contributed by Daniele Tricoli)

demoshell 0.2.0

What’s new in 0.2.0? set up travis with linter build Adding Aliases (contributed by Bhavik Shah) Creating a Config File (contributed by Bhavik Shah) Add __main__ so demoshell may be invoked via runpy (python -m). Fixes #13. (contributed by Jason R. Coombs)

ipaddress — Internet Addresses — PyMOTW 3

The ipaddress module includes classes for working with IPv4 and IPv6 network addresses. The classes support validation, finding addresses and hosts on a network, and other common operations. Read more… This post is part of the Python Module of the Week series for Python 3. See PyMOTW.com for more articles from the series.

yasfb 0.7.1

What’s new in 0.7.1? Use os.path.realpath before git log (contributed by Chris Dent)