Driving OpenStack via Ansible

Last week I spoke at the Atlanta OpenStack meetup about “Driving OpenStack via Ansible,” in which I introduced Ansible as a tool and talked about its ability to integrate with OpenStack. As part of the presentation I used two playbooks to launch VMs on a cloud and configure them with different applications. We walked through the playbooks and talked about what they were doing, the things that tripped me up while writing them, and then brainstormed ways to use Ansible in situations that have come up for members of the meetup.

One playbook uses my role to install ZNC, the popular IRC “bouncer,” for maintaining a persistent chat presence. The other demo was based on a playbook with the roles needed to configure a server for OpenStack development, ready to run devstack.

The slides are available, and you can download the playbooks from the github repository and try them yourself.

We used Dreamhost’s public cloud, DreamCompute, for the demo at the meetup. Thanks to the DreamHost crew for providing those resources!

The setup instructions for the devstack demo are in the README.rst file in the git repository.