February issue of Python Magazine now available

The February issue of Python Magazine is available for download now.

This month’s cover story by Chad Cooper is Mapping point locations with Python and Microsoft Live Search Maps. It’s all about visualizing your database of points on a map using their web service.

Arkadiusz Wahlig’s piece, Extending Skype using Python tells you the basics you need to write a Skype bot to add features to the popular chat and VOIP client.

In Using Python with SOAP to create a CLI for JIRA, Matthew Doar introduces SOAPpy and discusses how he has used it to create a command line tool for working with the JIRA bug tracker.

And our very own Brian Jones writes about common data modeling pitfalls this month in Identifying Data Badness.

Mark Mruss discusses documenting your code with docstrings in his latest Welcome to Python column.

Steve Holden’s column about using Python’s DB API meshes nicely with Brian’s article.

And last, in my column this month I explore two more tools you should have in your toolbox: virtualenv and IPython.

So head over to the site and grab your copy today. As always, feedback is welcome via our contact page.