Grizzly Sessions on Metering OpenStack with Ceilometer

The OpenStack Developer Summit for the Grizzly release starts tomorrow, and it will be a busy week for the Ceilometer team. We start the summit with a three-session mini-track on Monday morning, have a formal conference presentation on Monday afternoon, and expect to hold a lot of informal working sessions with developers from other projects throughout the summit.

State of Metering

Time: Monday 9:50 AM
Location: Maggie
Etherpad: [](

The State of Metering session will provide a project overview for everyone interested in the progress we have made during the Folsom release cycle. The main news is the announcement of the 0.1 alpha release of Ceilometer, and we also plan to go into detail about the current feature set and plans for the immediate future. This will be a good session to attend if you want to learn more about what Ceilometer actually is, how it works, and whether it might meet your needs.

Customizing Ceilometer to Measure Your Cloud

Time: Monday 11:00 AM
Location: Maggie
Etherpad: [](

The Customizing Ceilometer session will dig a little deeper into the architecture of Ceilometer and the ways you can plug into it, or change its behavior, to suit your needs. We will talk about each of the three plugin APIs, the web service API, and designing custom meters to gather data unique to your deployment. This will be a good session for anyone planning a Folsom implementation for whom metering is important, as well as developers interested in finding out how to contribute to Ceilometer.

Beyond Metering – Extending Ceilometer

Time: Monday 11:50 AM
Location: Maggie
Etherpad: [](

The Beyond Metering session rounds out the morning with a more detailed look ahead and work planned for Ceilometer during Grizzly and beyond. The agenda for this session includes discussions on low-level changes to our messaging protocol, completing relational database support, and collaborating with the Heat developers on collecting data useful both for metering and for user notifications.

What about billing? An introduction to Ceilometer

Time: Monday 2:40 PM
Location: Manchester A

What about billing? is a conference presentation from Nick Barcet (Ceilometer PTL) and Doug Hellmann (Ceilometer core developer) during which we will present a brief project history, explain the architecture and feature set, and highlight a use case for deploying Ceilometer in production at DreamHost. Our goal for the presentation is to introduce metering, and Ceilometer, to the broader community to attract contributors and users.

Metering Network Resources: Ceilometer Integration with Quantum

Time: Tuesday 2:40 PM
Location: Windsor BC
Etherpad: [](

Finally, Metering Network Resources is a working session for Quantum and Ceilometer developers to create a roadmap for changes to the way we measure network resources. The goal is to develop a general design and task break-down for the work to be done during the Grizzly release time-frame. Developers from other projects may also find the general discussion useful for planning metering integration with their own services.