holiday coding and virtualenvwrapper updates

In between other holiday-related activities I have had some time to work on some personal projects a bit over the past week. The result includes new releases of virtualenvwrapper, virtualenvwrapper.project, and a new product called sphinxcontrib-spelling.

virtualenvwrapper updates

Version 2.6.1 of virtualenvwrapper includes a few fixes to make it work better under Python 2.4 and correct some problems with Cygwin. It also includes a major overhaul of the testing infrastructure to use tox instead of the home-grown scripts I was using for testing with multiple versions of Python. The tests now work reliably under Python 2.4 – 2.7 with bash, zsh, and ksh. And, more importantly, they run on systems other than my laptop, so that other developers can run the tests (and add new ones) before contributing patches.

The latest version of virtualenvwrapper.project (the extension that adds project management to virtualenvwrapper) has had similar testing updates made. I also added a cdproject command to return your shell to the project home directory easily.

Spelling Checker for Sphinx

Finally, I started a new project to integrate PyEnchant with Sphinx to make it easy to check the spelling in large reStructuredText documents that span many files. The result, sphinxcontrib-spelling, is in beta right now. I have some additional features that I want to add, but it is usable in this form and ready for feedback from users. I am working on a more extensive write-up of creating a Sphinx extension like this, to be posted soon.