Needed: SQL/Database design book recommendation

I need a book to teach someone about basic database design. They don’t need relational algebra or calculus, and they don’t have to be an expert about highly optimized storage, indexing, or anything like that. They just need some basic normalization, column type selection, and query help for what should be a pretty simple database.

They took a college class on RDBMSes, but the class and accompanying book were both terrible. The book from my class is great, but is more complex than what they want and need. I’m aware of the Dummies and Idiot series books, but I would prefer to avoid those, if possible.

I’d rather not give them something tied to a specific tool (since they haven’t selected the tool they are going to use), but as long as the tool is not Access it’s OK if the book is vendor-specific. We’ll probably end up using Postgresql or SQLite for the actual database, but won’t be doing anything that should require special features provided by either of those databases.

Does anyone have any recommendations?