New Year’s Python Meme

What is the coolest Python application, framework, or library you have discovered in 2011?

We use PyFilesystem to access WebDAV and S3 storage as though it was part of the local file system.

What new programming technique did you learn in 2011?

It’s not a technique, per se, but I learned a lot about the internals of Sphinx while preparing the manuscript for my book. I will be summarizing what I learned in a presentation at PyCon 2012.

What’s the name of the open source project you contributed the most in 2011? What did you do?

For non-coding contributions, that would be the Python Software Foundation. The PSF Communications team set up Python Insider, a blog for the Python core development team. Posts written in English are translated into 10 different languages by members of the Communications team.

For code-related contributions, it would probably be a tie between virtualenvwrapper and sphinxcontrib.spelling

What was the Python blog or website you read the most in 2011?

Definitely the Planet Python feed.

What are the three top things you want to learn in 2012?

What are the top software, app, or lib you wish someone would write in 2012?

I like Tarek’s idea for a mobile wine label recognition app, but I would settle for a decent wine log/journal app for iOS.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything I want to see that I’m not planning to build myself, but none of those projects are far enough along to talk about yet.

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