OpenStack contributions to other open source projects

As part of preparing for the talk I will be giving with Thierry Carrez at EuroPython 2016 next month, I wanted to put together a list of some of the projects members of the OpenStack community contribute to outside of things we think of as being part of OpenStack itself. I started by brainstorming myself, but I also asked the community to help me out. I limited my query to projects that somehow touched OpenStack, since what I am trying to establish is that OpenStack contributors identify needs we have, and do the work “upstream” in other projects where appropriate.

OpenStack has many facets, and as a result has pulled in contributors from many parts of the industry. A large number of them are also members of other open source communities, so it’s no surprise that even with only a few respondents to my question (most of them privately, off-list) we came up with a reasonably long list of other projects where we’ve made contributions. I did not make a distinction between the types of contributions, so this list includes everything from bug reports and triage to documentation to code patches for bug fixes or new features. In several cases, the projects came into existence entirely driven by OpenStack’s needs but have found wide adoption outside of our immediate community.

Python Packaging

  • packaging
  • pip
  • setuptools
  • wheel

Python Web Tools

  • Pecan
  • requests
  • WebOb
  • Werkzeug
  • wsgi-intercept
  • WSME

Python Database and Data tools

  • alembic
  • python-memcache
  • Ming
  • Pandas
  • redis-py
  • SQLAlchemy

Python Testing

  • fixtures
  • testtools
  • testrepository
  • tox

Other Python libs and tools

  • APScheduler
  • dogpile
  • eventlet
  • iso8601
  • jaraco.itertools
  • ldappool
  • Mako
  • pykerberos
  • pysaml2
  • retrying
  • sphinxcontrib-datatemplates
  • six

Python Interpreters

  • CPython
  • PyPy (in the past)


  • kazoo
  • kombu
  • pyngus
  • qpid
  • RabbitMQ


  • AngularJS
  • Registry-static
  • “other JS libraries”

Deployment, Automation, and Orchestration Tools

  • Ansible
  • Ansible modules for OpenStack
  • Puppet & Puppet Modules
  • Chef modules for OpenStack
  • saltstack


  • cloud-init
  • dpkg
  • libosinfo
  • Linux kernel
  • LUKS disk encryption
  • systemd


  • kvm
  • libguestfs
  • libvirt
  • qemu


  • Dibbler (DHCP)
  • OVS
  • OpenDaylight


  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • openvz

Testing and Developer Tools

  • gabbi
  • gerrit
  • Zuul
  • Jenkins Job Builder

Cloud Tools

  • fog
  • libcloud
  • nodepool
  • owncloud
  • phpopencloud
  • pkgcloud

Linux Distributions

  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Gentoo
  • SuSE

Other Tools

  • caimito (WebDAV front-end for object storage)
  • Corosync (cluster & HA synchronization)
  • Etherpad-lite
  • greenlet
  • jarco-tools
  • MySQL
  • Zanata (translation tools)

Updated 23 June to add Kubernetes to the list of container projects.

Updated 24 June to add pysaml2 to the list of Python libraries.