Python Cheese Shop

It has been a while since I released a new open source project. The last time I dealt with the Python project registry it required a highly manual through-the-web registration process. The Cheese Shop is so much nicer, and the integration with distutils makes it so easy to register a project and release that there is no reason in the world not to do it. There are just a few basic steps to getting started:

  • Create a user at by clicking on the “Register” link and following the instructions.
  • Create a file for your Python project. You’re doing this already, aren’t you, so your users can install your app or library with disutils?
  • Type: python register

The CheeseShopTutorial has more details, but once you’ve registered it really is just that simple. It turns out they will even host downloads of the source releases, if you want. I don’t mind hosting my own releases, and they will only host Python (so none of my AppleScript projects could go there). But that’s a nice commitment on their part.