Python Developer Networking

Jesse Noller is leading a campaign to have Python developers form a network via He talks about it over on his blog, so check it out for the details.

According to Doug Napoleone‘s comment on Jesse’s post, there is a more formal effort to set up a PyCon08 group and tie it in with the web site for the convention. I didn’t realize that LinkedIn supported groups other than “employers”. It looks like the right way to go for the community is a “networking group” (there are only a few types, and the others seem to imply a more formal organization than what we would have). Unfortunately, the groups feature is closed for right now.

For now, following Jesse’s lead, I set up a position with the “Python community” organization and job title “None”. I had to guess at the start date. :-)

I noticed several Python-oriented groups over on Facebook, so that might be an alternative if LinkedIn doesn’t come through. Somehow LinkedIn feels more professional; maybe I just have a historical bias based on Facebook’s origins, though.