Python Magazine for April 2008

The April issue of Python Magazine is ready for download now.

This month’s cover story from Zach Voase introduces bioinformatics with Python using BioPython. It’s amazing how easy it is to work with gene sequences in Python.

Jeff Scudder provides an excellent article about using the Google Spreadsheet API like a database. We use Google Spreadsheet to manage some parts of the magazine, so I’m definitely looking forward to applying some of these techniques myself.

You will recognize Eugen Wintersberger from previous issues. This month he returns to explain how to use PyTables and HDF5 to work with large datasets. As compute power and storage capacity have increased over the years, the algorithms and tools for processing those datasets have evolved to take advantage of them.

Every good editor and IDE includes customization features, and Mac OS X’s XCode is no exception. JC Cruz introduces techniques for customizing XCode through Python scripts.

Mark Mruss’ column this month features the AVC library for GUI programming. The “Application View Controller” connects the widgets on the screen to variables, automatically syncing between them, saving you a lot of manual work.

To cap off the issue, we also have plenty of PyCon 2008 coverage from both Steve Holden and me. I had a lot of fun, and I’m already planning my trip for next year.

I hope you’ll head over to the site and download your copy now!