Python Magazine for August 2008

The August 2008 issue of Python Magazine is available for download now.

The cover story this month is from Greg Pinero and talks about If you don’t know about Utility Mill, you should check it out. I don’t think there’s an easier way to create a web utility. Greg explains some of the security and performance issues he encountered creating the site and walks you though posting your own app.

In Drawing Presentable Trees, Bill Mill describes the evolution of tree rendering approaches, with plenty of graph traversal algorithms for us comp sci geeks.

Juri Pakaste explains how to make your code more loosely coupled in Using Dependency Injection in Python. I’m looking forward to applying these ideas in some code I’m working on right now to make it easier to test.

And wrapping up the feature list this month is Paul McGuire with Advanced Pyparsing: Implementing a JSON Parser Using Results Names. Paul shows how to parse complex structures and extract only the useful information without twisting yourself into knots.

Jesse Noller’s column recounts some of his experiences getting into Python core development. He gives a brief tour of the code base and offers tips to avoid some of the issues he ran into.

Mark Mruss looks at the wxWidgets and wxPython libraries for creating GUI application. And Steve Holden introduces the Board of Directors of the Python Software Foundation and talks about the role of the PSF.

Grab your copy today, and as always direct questions or comments to “doug dot hellmann at pythonmagazine dot com”.