Python Magazine for December available for download now

The December issue of Python Magazine went live this morning. If you’re a subscriber, you can download your personalized, DRM-free PDF via your account page right away.


The cover story this month is Python Threads and the Global Interpreter Lock, a detailed analysis of threading performance under different types of load by Jesse Noller. Jesse’s article is chock-full of benchmarks and background material that illustrates when the GIL is, and isn’t, an issue.

Python On the Go: Using Python on Mobile Platforms, by Saša Dimitrijević, includes references for all sorts of development tools for getting started hacking your phone or PDA with Python.

In Python Powered Accessibility, Steve Lee explains how to use Python and GNOME accessibility toolkits to make it easier easier for people with disabilities to use your desktop applications.

John Berninger returns this month with Using Python to Manage RPMs, an introduction to using RPM from within Python programs with a focus on security and intrusion detection.

In his column this month, Mark Mruss creates some basic GUI apps with PyQt. Steve Holden shows how to use RSS,, and MochiKit to keep fresh content on your home page. Brian Jones examines the increased adoption of Python over the past few years, and I talk about the PSF’s involvement in the Google Highly Open Participation contest.

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We’ve just finished the work on this issue, which of course means it’s time to start the next. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, post a comment here or head over to our web site and tell us all about it. If you have an idea for an article, use the “write for us” link. Don’t be shy! We’ll help you develop your idea into a full article and make sure your prose looks as good as your code.

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