Python Magazine for February 2009

The February 2009 issue of Python Magazine is available for download now.

On the cover this month we have a story about the development of Urban Mediator, a tool for collaborative city planning created at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. This story is another example of how the variety of problems solved with Python is endless.

Michael Noll brings us a how-to for Writing a Personal Link Recommendation Engine. By studying the data available through the API, Michael’s example app can find links that might be of interest or related to links you already have bookmarked.

In Reactive Programming with Traited Python, Judah De Paula discusses how Traits can be used to add explicit typing, reactive programming, and fast user interface development to your application.

JC Cruz creates a simple text editor to show us how to use an MDI interface in Multiple Documents on PyObjC.

In Mark Mruss’ Welcome to Python column this month we learn the basics of working with file I/O.

Brandon Rhodes regales us with the story of how Python’s universal newline mode gave him headaches at a recent client engagement and, more importantly, how he solved the problem.

In this month’s installment of Pragmatic Testers, Grig Gheorghiu covers using mock objects as a way of simulating components to simplify test setup.

And finally, Steve Holden covers some of the many Python information sources available online (and off), and suggests ways for you to help improve those resources.

We’ve packed this issue with lots of good content, so go download your copy today!