Python Magazine for October 2008

The October 2008 issue of Python Magazine is available for download now.

Jan Dittberner’s cover story on sqlalchemy-migrate explains how to manage changes to your database schema.

Learn about building applications on Google’s AppEngine from Kumar McMillan.

Doug Farrell shares a Twisted idea for logging from distributed applications.

And Drew Smathers explains some of the intricacies of multiple inheritance in Python, including the MRO and super().

Jesse Noller’s column shows us a completely different way to use SSH directly from Python via Paramiko.

In his Welcome to Python column this month, Mark Mruss explains how to use variable arguments to functions.

And to wrap up the issue, Steve looks at some of the important events that have occurred in the Python world recently, including major releases of Django 1.0 and Python 3.0 as well as the PSF Community Awards.

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