Python Magazine for September 2008

The September 2008 issue of Python Magazine is available for download now.

The cover story, django at 30,000ft, comes from Justin Lilly and coincides (as closely as we could make it) with the release of Django 1.0. Justin provides a high-level overview of the features of Django for anyone evaluating it, or convincing their manager to do so.

Also up this month is Duplicate Code Detection Using Clone Digger, in which Peter Bulychev talks about tools and techniques for finding repetitive sequences in your code, even if they don’t match exactly. Clone Digger looks like a great utility to add to your toolbox to reduce your code base and keep it DRY.

JC Cruz returns with another PyObjC and Cocoa article, Displaying Tabular Data with PyObjC. JC covers everything you need to know to start using the NSTableView class in your own programs.

We also have 2 community reports this month. First, Alex Holkner walks us through his experience with PyWeek and building a brand new game in one week using pyglet. Then Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel talks about the São Paulo Python user group’s experience hosting their own hack-a-thon for Python Bug Days.

In Welcome To Python this month, Mark Mruss covers the slicing API for manipulating sequences. As usual, Mark’s explanation is clear and easy to follow.

For our technical column, And Now For Something Completely Different, Rick Harding introduces the Bazaar distributed version control system and talks about a few of its key features.

Steve Holden talks about OSCON, the status of Python 2.6 and 3.0, and Python certification.

In my own column, Django’s move to 1.0 leads me to contemplate the meaning of “release” and whether it is better to do it “early and often” or “regularly”.

Grab your copy today, and as always direct questions or comments to “doug dot hellmann at pythonmagazine dot com” or in comments on this blog.