Python Magazine “wish list” updated

Brian has posted our current wish list over on his blog. I won’t reproduce the entire thing here, so but please go look over the list and see if there is a topic you know something about.

We realize that not everyone who is interested in writing is necessarily an established writer. We will provide help and advice if you’re a new author and not familiar with writing for a magazine. I’ve been programming professionally for 11-12 years now, but I’m still fairly new to publishing, so I know that that first article can be the hardest. But you won’t gain the experience if you don’t start somewhere. Brian refutes other reasons people don’t like to write over here. Let me add to his arguments that it might just turn out to be a lot easier than you think.

As Brian points out in his wish-list post, there are quite a few big projects out there our readers are interested in hearing from but that haven’t contributed articles, yet. If you’re a project maintainer who has no time to write, that’s OK! Consider encouraging someone else from your user or developer community to write an article about the project instead. If you find yourself using a particular package or tool frequently, but don’t contribute directly to that project, that’s not a problem. There no requirement that articles have to come from the original developer of a package. It’s always good to have contributions from different perspectives.

The submission process is very easy and low pressure (ask any of our published authors). Neither Brian nor I want to make things harder than they have to be, so we don’t. And just in case it isn’t clear: we will pay you for your effort if you write an article. So check out the list and consider picking up a little extra cash after the holidays by writing for us.

[Updated with link to Brian’s “Why you should write” post.]