Python Magazine wish-list

Brian and I have been compiling a list of topics we would like to have covered in the magazine. Since we’re just starting, the field is really wide-open for anything, but sometimes it is easier to solicit articles about specific topics instead of just saying, “Write for us!”

A few of my personal wishes:

We have had a couple of PyGTK articles submitted already, but nothing for any of the other toolkits. Whenever I see the question “Which GUI toolkit should I use?” there are always a lot of responses for wxWindows and quite a few for Qt. We haven’t had any submissions for articles on either yet, so if you use them and want to talk about it, yours might be the first.

I’m aware of several ORM-related books in the works right now, but that’s another area where a short article (4000 words) on a focused aspect would be useful. Not all queries are equal (even if the result sets are), so how about a discussion of SQL optimization with your favorite ORM? Or how about adapting an ORM to an existing database? And my favorite topic: How the heck am I supposed to upgrade my schema when I make changes?

I need to write a trac plugin, but haven’t had the time to figure out where to start. Will you write an article to show me how?

The List:

We’ll be updating this list and will eventually post it online somewhere, but until we decide on the best way to do that, here is the “full” wish-list we have put together for now, in no specific order. Do not interpret the absence of a topic as lack of interest; we just haven’t added it to the list, yet!

If you are interested in writing about these or other topics, contact us through the web site and let us know.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • Parallel Python (pp) module
  • PyMOL
  • VTK
  • SciPy


  • Writing a django app
  • TurboGears
  • CherryPy
  • Zope
  • Writing a Zope product
  • Plone
  • Writing a plugin for trac

Web Services

  • simplexmlrpcserver
  • xmlrpclib
  • SOAP
  • Flickr (Beej’s API?)
  • Google Calendar/GData (w/ ElementTree)
  • Amazon
  • Yahoo

System Administration

  • SNMP
  • LDAP
  • python-ldap
  • Luma (extending?)

User/Group management

GUI Frameworks

  • wxPython
  • PyQT
  • PyGTK