Python Module of the Week for Python 3

Over the last several years since my book, The Python Standard Library by Example, was published many folks I’ve talked with at conferences or by email have asked when I would be updating the content for Python 3. I’ve been putting off that work, mostly because of other projects. I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally started updating the content and intend to publish updates weekly.

The new versions of the articles, updated and rewritten for Python 3.5, are all available under The same RSS feeds and email notices are still set up, so if you were subscribed to the old feed you’ll receive the updates as they go online. There is also a new twitter account @pymotw in case you want to follow it for updates, without following my personal account. For more details, see the about page.

All of the old content for Python 2.7 is still available at, for continued reference.