Racemi press on ZDNet

Dan Kusnetzky from ZDNet has posted this morning about Racemi and our product, DynaCenter.

DynaCenter repurposes servers on-the-fly from the iron up, making it easy to turn your disaster recovery assets into extra computing resources. When the production data center goes offline, the DR site can be brought online in little more than the amount of time it takes to reboot the servers. Similarly, in a test/development lab setup you can use DynaCenter to test an application under several operating systems on the same hardware, without manually swapping drives or re-installing anything. Point, click, reboot.

Kusnetzky is spot-on when he points out that our software does more than we market it as doing, though. Since we control the server’s power and boot process, DynaCenter can also be used to manage a utility or grid computing environment and conserve power in a regular data center by powering down idle servers until load on an application rises to a point that they are actually needed.

In his conversation with our team, one little detail was not covered: We’re writing the whole thing in Python.

[Updated: Python didn’t come up in their conversation, so it’s no surprise it wasn’t mentioned in Dan’s post.]