Things to Do

In no particular order:

  • Cull my Google Reader subscriptions. 364 is too many.
  • Finish reading Dreaming in Code.
  • Add tagging support to codehosting.
  • Verify all of the domains under my control with Google Web Master tools.
  • Create a Trac plugin for code reviews based on the process we use at work.
  • Change the monitor feeds on so they do not include items without enclosures.
  • Enhance BlogBackup to save enclosures and images linked from blog posts.
  • Write a tool to convert an m3u file to an RSS/Atom feed for Patrick so he will set up a podcast of his demo recordings.
  • Improve AppleScript support in Adium.
  • Add support to Adium for notifications when a screen name appears in a chat message.