virtualenvwrapper needs a new maintainer

virtualenvwrapper is probably the most popular tool I maintain. A surprising number of people use the current version of the shell scripts that grew out of a hacky little set of bash aliases I wrote 7+ years ago. There are even several competitors now. I created a market segment! ;)

Perhaps ironically, I’ve found my own needs have changed enough that I don’t use it much myself any more. Most of my work these days involves OpenStack, and we have enough tooling consistency built into our repos that I don’t need a ton of virtualenvs. I’m actually back mostly to using a couple of hacky shell aliases again because they, combined with tox, are lighter weight. All of which leads to reduced motivation to keep up with maintenance.

virtualenvwrapper is still useful, but it isn’t seeing the TLC it needs and deserves. There are a handful of open pull requests that have been lingering for a while, and several bugs in the same state. That’s not to mention the need to make it work with Python 3’s pyenv. 

So, I’m looking for someone to help take on the maintenance duties for virtualenvwrapper.

As I’ve explained here and in the docs, although the wrappers are a python tool, they are mostly written as shell scripts compatible with bash, zsh, and ksh. If you like shell scripting and you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch ( and I’ll try to work with you to get you set up for development and to answer any questions about the current implementation.

Update 4 Jan 9:30 AM EST: I’ve had several folks contact me interested in helping out. Let’s use the Google group!forum/virtualenvwrapper to figure out how to proceed.