Configure a VM with some of the dependencies needed for OpenStack development and prepare it to have the source repositories checked out.
Installs tools commonly used by Python developers, including multiple versions of the Python interpreter, PyPy, pip, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, tox, and wheel.
This role makes it easy to create a set of connected ZNC bouncer instances, so that each IRC client has its own scrollback.
AstronomyPictureOfTheDay is an Automator workflow for changing your macOS desktop background based on the Astronomy Picture of the Day feed.
beagle is a command line tool for querying a hound code search service such as
cliff (“Command Line Interface Formulation Framework”) is a framework for building command line programs. It uses entry points to provide subcommands, output formatters, and other extensions.
cliff-tablib is a set of formatter extensions for producing JSON, YAML, and HTML output. Installing cliff-tablib activates these formatters for any cliff-based programs automatically.
Base class for building command line applications.
csvcat is a tool for working with comma separated value files text files. It lets you easily remove columns, reorder columns, and combine files.
daily-tweeter is a command line tool for posting scheduled messages to Twitter
demoshell is a simplified shell for live demonstrations. It always shows the command prompt at the top of the screen and pushes command output down instead of letting it scroll up.
Entry Point Inspector is a tool for looking at the Python entry point plugins installed on a system.
feedcache provides class to wrap Mark Pilgrim’s FeedParser module so that parameters can be used to cache the feed results locally instead of fetching the feed every time it is requested.
A command line tool for examining review statistics for GitHub repositories.
git-nit is a tool for grabbing existing reviews from gerrit and layering on a new patch to fix nits.
git-os-job makes it easy to find the logs from OpenStack CI test jobs by finding the hash of the commit and using it to build the right URL. It will then either print the URL or open a web browser directly.
gowhere is used to test the redirect and redirectmatch directives in an .htaccess file to detect incorrect redirection, cycles, and excessive hops.
imapautofiler applies user-defined rules to automatically organize messages on an IMAP server.
link_scrubber processes all of your bookmarks, looking for those that redirect. It adds a new bookmark with the target of the redirect and all the same metadata from the original link.
mailbox2ics is a python script for extracting ICS files from mail messages to create a calendar
Metal3 provides a Kubernetes-native API for provisioning bare metal hosts.
OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform.
openstack-summit-counter is a plugin for python-openstackclient, the command line tool for interacting with OpenStack. This plugin helps you answer the summit registration question about how many summits you have attended in the past.
PyMOTW is a series of articles written to demonstrate how to use the modules of the Python standard library.
reno is a release notes manager designed with high throughput in mind, supporting fast distributed development teams without introducing additional development processes. The goal is to encourage detailed and accurate release notes for every release.
rst2blogger is a command line program for converting reStructuredText documents to HTML suitable for posting to
rst2marsedit is a command line program for converting reStructuredText documents to HTML that can be used with MarsEdit.
Smiley includes several subcommands for running Python programs and monitoring all of the internal details for recording and reporting.
sphinxcontrib.datatemplates is a Sphinx extension for rendering nicely formatted HTML with parts of the output coming from JSON and YAML data files. It is intended to be used to mix machine-readable data with prose.
sphinxcontrib-fulltoc is an extension for the Sphinx documentation system that changes the HTML output to include a more detailed table of contents in the sidebar. By default Sphinx only shows the local headers for the current page. With the extension installed, all of the page titles are included, and the local headers for the current page are also included in the appropriate place within the document.
sphinxcontrib-paverutils provides an alternative integration of Sphinx and Paver. It supports calling Sphinx from within Paver using multiple configurations, and does not assume you only want to build HTML output.
sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme is an extension to Sphinx for documenting APIs built with the Pecan web framework and WSME.
sphinxcontrib-spelling is a spelling checker for Sphinx. It uses PyEnchant to produce a report showing misspelled words.
sphinxcontrib-sqltable is a Sphinx extension that allows authors to embed SQL statements in source documents and produce tabular output in rendered documents.
stevedore provides classes for implementing common patterns for using dynamically loaded extensions in python applications.
svnbackup is a tool for conveniently creating full backups of Subversion repositories.
virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to virtualenv for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their dependencies.
virtualenvwrapper-bitbucket is a template for virtualenvwrapper to extend its project-management features. It automatically clones a [BitBucket]( repository when creating a new project directory.
virtualenvwrapper-django is a template for virtualenvwrapper to extend its project-management features. It automatically creates a new Django site when creating a new project directory.
Emacs desktop-mode lets you save the state of emacs (open buffers, kill rings, buffer positions, etc.) between sessions. It can also be used as a project file similar to other IDEs. virtualenvwrapper-emacs-desktop adds a trigger to save the current desktop file and load a new one when activating a new virtualenv using workon.
virtualenvwrapper-project is an old extension for virtualenvwrapper to add project-management features. Where virtualenvwrapper is for managing virtualenv environments, project manages your development source directories.
virtualenvwrapper.tmpenv is a plugin for virtualenvwrapper for working with temporary virtual environments. After it is installed, the mktmpenv command can be used to create a temporary virtualenv, which is deleted automatically when it is deactivated.
whatthewhat is a tool for launching a Google search for exceptions from Python apps.
whereto is an app for testing redirect rules like what may appear in a .htaccess file for Apache. It provides a way to test those rules in CI jobs.
wphelper is a command line tool for working with a WordPress blog as an author.
Web Service Made Easy (WSME) simplifies the writing of REST web services by providing simple yet powerful typing which removes the need to directly manipulate the request and the response objects.
yasfb (Yet Another Sphinx Feed Builder) is yet another package for creating RSS feeds from Sphinx documents. It differs from its predecessor by finding publication dates using git history rather than forcing explicit filename or metadata conventions.