imapautofiler 1.10.0

imapautofiler applies user-defined rules to automatically organize messages on an IMAP server.

Project details 1.10.0 on PyPI

New Features

  • Add check_hostname configuration option to allow connection to sites where the hostname does not match the value in the SSL/TLS certificate. See config-server-connection for details.
  • Add flag and unflag actions. See config-flag-action for details.
  • Add mark_read and mark_unread actions. See config-mark-read-action for details.


  • add release note for read/unread actions
  • add release note for flag actions
  • add mark_read/mark_unread actions
  • when –debug is set stop when we see an exception
  • fix mailbox client implementation of flagging
  • clean up flag/unflag logging
  • simplify flag and add unflag action
  • Add unit tests for ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt)
  • Add documentation for ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt)
  • Implement ‘flag’ action (contributions by Christopher Arndt)
  • add release note for check_hostname