reno 3.2.0

reno is a release notes manager designed with high throughput in mind, supporting fast distributed development teams without introducing additional development processes. The goal is to encourage detailed and accurate release notes for every release.

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New Features

  • Add a new configuration option, encoding, to specify the encoding to use when reading release notes file.
  • Add the semver-next command to calculate the next release version based on the available release notes. Three new configuration options (semver_major, semver_minor, and semver_patch) define the sections that should cause different types of version increments.


  • raise the minimum version of pyyaml
  • add semver-next command
  • add release note for encoding option
  • [trivial] Use opendev url for source code link (contributions by Riccardo Pittau)
  • Add config option to set default character encoding (contributions by Matthew Treinish)
  • Some cleanups (contributions by Andreas Jaeger)