smiley 0.8.0

Smiley spies on your Python app while it runs.

Smiley includes several subcommands for running Python programs and monitoring all of the internal details for recording and reporting.

Project details 0.8.0 on PyPI

What’s New?

  • Improve test coverage for several key modules.
  • Use a 404 error in the web app when a run cannot be found in the db.
  • Fix python version check in server mode.
  • Fix listener/publisher to work under Python 3.
  • Use daemon mode for local tracer thread.
  • Fix the way the replay command calls the output formatter.
  • Prefix console output to differentiate it from the app under test.
  • Beaker fails under python 3, so make it optional.
  • Fix miscellaneous python 3 issues.
  • Add test scripts for running monitor/publisher mode.