sphinxcontrib-datatemplates 0.4.0

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates is a Sphinx extension for rendering nicely formatted HTML with parts of the output coming from JSON and YAML data files. It is intended to be used to mix machine-readable data with prose.

Project details 0.4.0 on PyPI

What’s new in 0.4.0?

  • deprecate the datatemplate directive in favor of the directives in the domain
  • Wrap directives in minimal domain (contributed by Jan Brohl)
  • Add directive “datatemplate” for backwards compat (contributed by Jan Brohl)
  • Split datatemplate directive by file type (contributed by Jan Brohl)
  • Ignore venv, vscode settings (contributed by Jan Brohl)
  • add option for encoding (contributed by Jan Brohl)

Upgrade Note

This release deprecates the “datatemplate” directive in favor of source-specific variants in the datatemplate domain. See the documentation for details.