sphinxcontrib-datatemplates 0.7.0

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates is a Sphinx extension for rendering nicely formatted HTML with parts of the output coming from JSON and YAML data files. It is intended to be used to mix machine-readable data with prose.

Project details 0.7.0 on PyPI

What’s new in 0.7.0?

  • add release history to documentation
  • add sphinx builder environment to template context (contributions by Eric Holscher)
  • add a ‘dump’ subcommand to the command line interface
  • cli: create ‘render’ subcommand
  • treat flag options as special
  • add console script “datatemplate”
  • documentation cleanup (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • pass the entire application config to the template (contributions by Eric Holscher)
  • reorder, rename parser arguments (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • Add a directive + loader for nodata (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • I hate invisible lint errors! (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • Add (very) basic CLI docmentation+example (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • Add options passthrough (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • set up test framework
  • add 3.7 and 3.8 to list of supported python versions
  • add html_context to template context (contributions by Eric Holscher)
  • add loaders registry (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • make directive option conversion results more intuitive (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • note source-file as dependency (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • shorten directive documentation and move to code (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • add travis job to check package settings with twine
  • test system overhaul (contributions by Jan Brohl)
  • pass all options to template, allow unknown options (contributions by Jan Brohl)