sphinxcontrib-datatemplates 0.8.1

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates is a Sphinx extension for rendering nicely formatted HTML with parts of the output coming from JSON and YAML data files. It is intended to be used to mix machine-readable data with prose.

Project details 0.8.1 on PyPI

This release adds a load() function to the template context for loading additional data sources from within a template.

What’s new in 0.8.1?

  • packaging: add python 3.9 support
  • feature: add load() to template context (idea contributed by Øyvind Harboe and David-Cowan)
  • build: simplify tox default list
  • docs: clarify that inline templates work with any data format
  • docs: remove file section from inline example
  • docs: mention how template files are found
  • docs: add basic installation instructions