sphinxcontrib-spelling 5.2.0

sphinxcontrib-spelling is a spelling checker for Sphinx. It uses PyEnchant to produce a report showing misspelled words.

Project details 5.2.0 on PyPI

New Features

  • The builder is now registered using an entry point, so that if the spelling directive is not used in a project sphinxcontrib.spelling does not need to be included explicitly in the extensions list in conf.py in order to use it with the project on the command line.
  • PyEnchant is an optional dependency. If it is not installed, the spell checker will not work, but the extension can still be initialized. This allows projects that use spell checking to publish their documentation to readthedocs.org, where it is not possible to install PyEnchant.
  • Restore support for parallel builds. Words that do not appear in any configured dictionary are written to a file named based on the input file, with the .rst extension replaced with .spelling. Big thanks to Sviatoslav Sydorenko for helping with that!

Other Notes

  • Start using reno to manage release notes.


  • make parallel write safe
  • report import error when using builder without PyEnchant (contributions by Sviatoslav Sydorenko)
  • clarify logic in sphinxcontrib/spelling/asset.py (contributions by Sviatoslav Sydorenko)
  • Fix docstring in sphinxcontrib/spelling/asset.py (contributions by Sviatoslav Sydorenko)
  • fix markup in docs/source/install.rst (contributions by Sviatoslav Sydorenko)
  • include version number in extension metadata
  • make pyenchant optional for import
  • run documentation builds in parallel for testing
  • restore use of spelling directive in docs
  • support parallel reads
  • add entry point declaration for builder
  • update developer docs
  • add reno for managing release notes